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Nausea with Pregnancy

Nausea with Pregnancy

Women can experience nausea during their pregnancy. Here are some ways to help with nausea.

  • B6 mg three times a day
  • Ginger 250mg 4 times a day
  • Red Raspberry leaf tea (contains B6, C, E, calcium Mg, Zinc Bioflavonoids)
  • Dandelion Root tincture/tea increases bile flow
  • Fresh grated ginger in a smoothie in the morning
  • Acupressure band
  • Peppermint
February 09, 2024

Dr. Steffen Bye

Dr. Jane Steffen Bye, DC, FICPA treats a variety of conditions due to automobile accidents, work related incidents, and sports injuries. She also has a special interest in infants, children, and the care of pregnant women with prenatal chiropractic. Dr. Jane Steffen Bye, DC, FICPA has continued postgraduate studies in these areas.