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Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma

Birth trauma, stress on the infant's neck, head or spine may cause a vertebral subluxation complex in the baby's body. A vertebral subluxation complex is a spinal distortion causing nerve damage or stress that can have a wide range of effects on a baby's body. Colic may be one manifestation of this condition.

What are some causes of Birth Trauma in Infants?

  1. Pulling and or twisting the infant's head to assist delivery
  2. The use of forceps or vacuum extraction
  3. Short or long labor
  4. Pain medications
  5. Restricted position of the baby in utero

If the spine is not corrected it can affect the baby's growth and function of the nervous system. I do encourage all parents to have their child's spine checked for misalignments.

The following are indicators that an infant should be checked after birth. Their head tilts to one side, or they have difficulty turning their neck to either side, nursing is difficult, cannot be soothed (excessive crying) and does not sleep soundly.