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We carry several nutritional supplements for overall heath, immunity, weight loss, injury support, etc.  Call or come in to our office to discuss our full line of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements.


Weight Loss Products and Healthy Body Composition:   Ultrameal (medical food designed to nutritionally support the management of conditions associated with metabolic syndrome such as obesity, insulin resistance) , Ultrameal Plus ( medical food to help with metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease) , EPA-DHA Extra Strength (essential fatty acids for daily maintenance), Metaglycemix (nutritional support for healthy insulin activity and glucose levels). 


Menopause SolutionsEstro-Pro Cream ( bioidentical topical hormone support), Estrovera (menopausal hot flash relief, relief from irritability, anxiety, and poor mood).


General Health:  Dynamic Greens for kids/adults (easy to use, ready to mix, nutrient rich super food with antioxidants equally 20 veggies/fruits in one scoop), Multivitamins (for vitamin/mineral support), Vitamin D3 (to support bone health), Calcium (to support and maintain bone health).


Acute InjuryAcute Phase (relief for minor pain and tissue health), Injury Rehab packets (nutritional support for tissue healing and support for injury, trauma, and/or surgery).


Detoxification and FibromyalgiaUtraInflamX Plus 360 (medical food for inflammation and pain), Ultra Clear Plus (medical food to nutritionally support the management of chronic fatigue syndrome and detoxification).


Immune support for cold, flu and digestionUltraflora Plus DF (advanced probiotic support for immune system function), Andrographis Plus (aggressive herbal immune support), Candibactin AR (essential oils for support of a healthy intestinal environment), ImmuCore (support for a healthy immune system).