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Is Poor Posture Interrupting your Work & Social Life

Is Poor Posture Interrupting your Work & Social Life

Work-life balance is not new, but if the last several years have taught us anything, it's that the line between the two has been a bit blurry. As many people transitioned from working at an office to home. Many people developed headaches and back pain because of sitting at a kitchen table or their bed and not a typical desk. With so many jobs requiring long hours of sitting and working at a computer, proper workstation ergonomics are vital to maintaining good posture, which minimizes the stress that poor posture can cause our patients.

Proper, Ergonomic Posture Is Important for Several Reasons

Proper posture helps stabilize our spine and reduces the likelihood of a ligament-related injury. It allows for more efficient coordination with muscle movements. Poor posture can cause ineffective gross muscle movement patterns that use more energy that is necessary. This can lead to premature fatigue or muscle burnout. 

It can also help prevent muscular pain and excessive wear and tear on joints. Poor stability can also cause joints to wear down faster, leading to conditions such as arthritis, loss of mobility of the neck, headache, shoulder pain, jaw pain and degenerative disc disease. 

These are the items to look at when assessing your own posture:

  • chin parallel to the floor
  • shoulders even
  • neutral spine
  • arms at sides with elbows straight and even
  • abdominal muscles braced
  • hips even
  • knees even and pointing straight ahead
  • body weight described evenly on both feet

It isn't hard to imagine then that supporting the feet can enhance and help stabilize posture, which can lead to less overall spinal discomfort or pain. Custom flexible orthotics alone have been shown to help reduce back pain. They also can help with daily activities such as sitting, standing, walking, social and personal activities, etc. 

By focusing on proper posture and including custom flexible orthotics with your chiropractic care, you can help yourself to stay active in work and play and reduce your chances of injury.

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Dr. Erin Stubblefield Professor, Overland Park, KA , February 2023, the American Chiropractor

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June 07, 2023

Dr. Steffen Bye

Dr. Jane Steffen Bye, DC, FICPA treats a variety of conditions due to automobile accidents, work related incidents, and sports injuries. She also has a special interest in infants, children, and the care of pregnant women with prenatal chiropractic. Dr. Jane Steffen Bye, DC, FICPA has continued postgraduate studies in these areas.