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Do You Find Arthritis a Pain to Heal?

Do You Find Arthritis a Pain to Heal?

It has been known that Chinese medicine recognizes arthritis as a symptom, not a diagnosis. Every symptom is an imbalance in the body system.

There are four types of arthritis.

1. True Inflammation- It can feel hot to the touch, feels better when iced, can get worse with heat and movement. Foods you should avoid include: processed foods, refined sugars, and dairy. It is best to eat naturally cooling foods such as: cucumbers, spearmint, pears, and watermelon. This helps the body to eliminate inflammation and stagnation.

2. Cold Type- It feels better with heat, gets better with movement as the joints and body warm up. Foods that help include ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, and onions. This helps increase the heat in the body without creating inflammation.

3. Deficient Type- Some hear snap, crackle, and pop resulting from insufficient lubrication, blood, and lack of hyaluronic acid in the joints. Eating avocados daily or other omega-9 oils will add nourishment to the body and help restore balance.

4. Damp Type- Changes in the weather are impacted by this type. The barometric pressure in the atmosphere causes the cells in our body to expand and contract. When cells are unable to do this properly, pressure will build up in the body and cause pain. Foods that may help with this include garlic, asparagus, and cloves.

by Michelle Valeri, The American Chiropractor Magazine Volume 45, Number 7, 2023

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July 24, 2023

Dr. Steffen Bye

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