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Chiropractic Care for Newborns

Chiropractic Care for Newborns

Infants are adjusted differently than adults. The techniques that Dr. Steffen Bye uses are with soft touch, or holding techniques, or by the use of an activator (a hand-held low force instrument for adjusting). She also does craniosacral work to release any fixation noted in the head structure (again a light touch holding procedure). Infants can be adjusted within 48 hours of birth.

Some signs and symptoms of the need for chiropractic care for infants:

  • Abnormal head tilt
  • Colic/spitting up
  • Curled up in a ball/excessive crying
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February 05, 2024

Dr. Steffen Bye

Dr. Jane Steffen Bye, DC, FICPA treats a variety of conditions due to automobile accidents, work related incidents, and sports injuries. She also has a special interest in infants, children, and the care of pregnant women with prenatal chiropractic. Dr. Jane Steffen Bye, DC, FICPA has continued postgraduate studies in these areas.