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Auto Accidents

Have you or a friend been an auto accident recently?

Have you gone to the emergency room and been told it's just a strain and to just go home and rest and it will go away? This is the most common story I hear in my clients history who have done just that and their pain did not just go away or if it did, it resurfaced several months later. While it's important to rule out internal injuries such as broken bones, bleeding or hemorrhage, serious contusions or abrasions, shock and other damage, your spine also needs to be checked for vertebral subluxations.

You need to remember that vertebrae often move out of their proper alignment and if not corrected can cause you problems later on. Be that three weeks to six months later. So be sure to include a chiropractic evaluation if you are involved in an auto accident even if it is minor. If your vertebrae are realigned your muscles can heal properly and with less pain and suffering in the long run.

Whiplash is one of the most common consequences of auto accidents.

In almost all whiplash-type injuries the spine is thrown first in one direction and then is pulled in the opposite direction because the muscles react to initial injury by pulling or rebounding in the opposite direction. The rebound often does cause injury to your soft tissues- muscles, ligaments, tendons and other issues. It is estimated 15-30% of car occupants will suffer neck pain. Studies show that a large percentage of whiplash sufferers continue to suffer pain and disability years after an accident. Symptoms include neck soreness, stiffness, headaches, tingling, pins and needles feeling between the shoulder blades, arm and hand. Some people may experience dizziness, ringing in the ears, or hearing loss.

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April 10, 2024

Dr. Steffen Bye

Dr. Jane Steffen Bye, DC, FICPA treats a variety of conditions due to automobile accidents, work related incidents, and sports injuries. She also has a special interest in infants, children, and the care of pregnant women with prenatal chiropractic. Dr. Jane Steffen Bye, DC, FICPA has continued postgraduate studies in these areas.