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"I am a 64 year old man.  Four months ago I decided I was tired of being inflexible and I was especially tired of not being able to take a walk without pain.  That is when I came to Dr. Steffen for help.  Through treatment and a specific exercise program I began improving.  Now not only am I more physically flexible and able to enjoy walking, I am now able to run when I want to.  Thank you Dr. Steffen." J.B.

 "Dr. Steffen has fixed me when I fell, made pregnancy and delivery more comfortable, and kept me and my family in chiropractic health for nearly 25 years. Gentle and effective she is the best kept secret in Shoreview." C.M.

 "What a blessing Dr. Steffen has been for my baby and our whole family. After 7 weeks with a very unhappy, crabby, and uncomfortable newborn I found Dr. Steffen. Dr. Steffen is very gentle and knowledgeable. What a huge difference in my baby." Julie B.

 “I have worked in an office for many years. As a result, my neck and shoulders are very stiff and full of tension. I have also suffered with chronic sinus problems. Dr. Steffen’s chiropractic care, along with acupuncture and vitamins, have helped me tremendously. I have referred many friends to her, and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor.” K.S.

"Eight months of adjustments, orthotics, stretching, and exercise helped but I still had plantar fasciitis pain.  The morning after my first low level light therapy in Dr. Steffen's office, I could find no pain!"  C.L.M